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Opening Soon!

Hey guys! We're busy trying to get ready for the grand opening of the kiosk location inside the Beavercreek Fairfield Commons Mall on October 1st. We've decided to lease a small kiosk next to the mall food court, starting on September 1st, to see how the foot traffic is, which will help us determine the best hours and days to be open for business. We're new to the bulk candy sales portion of the business, so we're grinding our way through all of that, currently getting set up with several wholesale companies and choosing what products we'd like to sale. Also in the works are new signs for the 2 kiosk locations. We'd like to welcome Neva, our first employee, to The Ohio Freeze Factory! We're still hoping to hire a new sales associate for the mall. If you're interested,

please let us know. Happy to say it's been business as usual at Traders World. We're enjoying our new location and love seeing all of our customers. Please visit us again soon. If you haven't stopped in yet, we hope you will... just follow your sweet tooth to The Ohio Freeze Factory!

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