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Satisfy their love of nostalgia and tasty 1970's treats with the 1970's Decades Box. Each box is overflowing with an assortment of coveted 1970's retro candy. The trip down memory lane goes into overdrive with funky 1970's disco themed graphics featuring fun facts hidden in the design. The 1970's Decades Box is sure to be a favorite gift for milestone birthdays and as party centerpieces. Included in the assortment is Blow Pop®, Bottle Caps® Candy, Bubble Yum® Gum - Original Flavor, Laffy Taffy® Mini Bars, Pop Rocks® Original Cherry, Ring Pop®, and Smarties Pop®. Please note contents subject to change.

Nancy Adams 1970's Nostalgic Candy Mix

SKU: 618645219185
  • No returns excepted on these items. Please contact us prior to opening your product, if you have a question about your purchase or if the product has been damaged in shipping. 

  • Orders usually ship within 5-7 business days.

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