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New locations!

We've moved to a new location, still trying to find our forever home inside Traders World. The locations prior to this move turned out to be just a little too warm for our products. We've finally landed a spot in the main walkway at the south end of Traders World. With this move we've closed our kiosk location in Bldg. 2 and our booth in Bldg. 7. The new location seems to be a little cooler than the previous locations (fingers crossed), which is better for our products, for us and hopefully for you as well! Not sure if this is our final destination, but we'll settle in and see what the future has in store for us. We're excited to announce we will be opening a new location at the main entrance kiosk, inside The Fairfield Commons Mall in Beavercreek, on 1 Oct 2022. If you're in the area stop in for a visit. Thanks to all of you for your support and continued business. Always remember to follow your sweet tooth to The Ohio Freeze Factory and enjoy your freeze dried candy!

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