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Outstanding weekend!

Thanks so much to everyone that stopped in this weekend. You made it amazing! We enjoyed seeing all the new faces and of course our repeat customers. We picked up a new freeze dryer today to help keep up with production. We also have a bigger unit coming in August. We're currently prepping for a Treasure Isles setup this coming weekend. We're going to do a setup outside to see how things go before we commit to indoor space. See you all at Traders World or Treasure Isles soon! Forever Trees by Sonja wanted to thank the new customers who purchased her artwork this weekend. We hope you enjoy them for years to come. Sonja also wants to send a special thank you out to Austin and his family, for showing up two weeks in a row and buying multiple pieces again. You guys are amazing! To that special lady from Canada, thank you very much for the kind words and for purchasing multiple pieces of artwork! You too are amazing! Can't wait to see those pictures! Take care and enjoy those tasty treats from The Ohio Freeze Factory

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