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We're busy producing more products!

The Ohio Freeze Factory is pumping out the products. With the purchase of another new freeze dryer, we're hoping to better keep up with the demand for more product. We have signed up for an additional location @ Traders World. We'll be stationed at a kiosk stand in Bldg. 2, beside the food court. You can still find us at our original location in Bldg. 1. We're closed this coming weekend at Traders World

but will reopen at both locations the following weekend. Upon our return we'll have the following new items available: Banana split bits, Nerd Ropes and Skittles cups. As requested, our returning items will be Cucumbers with ranch, Lemon cake and Banana pudding bites. We hope to see everyone in a couple of weeks at both our locations. Take care and enjoy those freeze dried treats.... as seen on TikTok!

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